Robotic Prostate Surgery Experience

21 May 2009

Dr. Samadi is of the very few urologic surgeons in the United States trained in oncology, open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery. To date, he has performed over 3,300 successful robotic laparoscopic prostate surgeries. And when dealing with a sensitive procedure such as prostate surgery, which can affect sexual health and incontinence, experience speaks volumes. Patients seek out Dr. Samadi specifically because he has performed so many successful procedures, and know that they are in great hands. Tell us how you came to choose Dr. Samadi and why the choice was the right one for you.

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  1. Major said,

    on November 15th, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    Dear Dr. Samadi,

    When my Urologist advised that open surgery was not the only option and that I could learn more about Radical Robotic Prostatectomy by surfing the web, your name was the highlight of the search. It was difficult to find a reasonable comparison for advanced prostate cancer treatment.

    My consultation with you confirmed that I was certainly in good hands and that the procedure we mutually scheduled for October would returm me to good health.

    The results have been amazing! As you said, my decision to do this procedure vs. open surgery was the right one. I was able to return home nine days after without any discomfort. To date I have not taken one of the prescribed pain relief medication. I’m positive that my recovery process will continue to go well as all your instructions and recommendations will be adhered to.

    I would like to sincerely thank you and your First Class Team members for your care, professionalism and focus in addressing my medical and psychological needs. My entire family members are very grateful. Please convey our many thanks to your Team.

    I look forward to my follow-up visit and our continued close association.

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  3. Joe Harbrecht said,

    on November 29th, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    I did not use Dr Samadi but because of his web comments chose to use the DaVinci robot at St Luke’s hospital in Milwaukee, WI with Dr. Matthew Johnson. Thus, although Dr. Samadi did not do my surgery, it was the thoroughness of the information and patient testimonials that made up my mind to do the robotic prostactomy.

    I had my surgery in mid April 07, went on a trip to Alaska mid June, 07 and felt completely human again by mid August, 07. Please read your discharge instructions thoroughly, I didn’t, and ended up with a close call due to a bilateral pulmonary embolism, probably from my surgery. I had all the symptons, but since I did not read my discharge instructions closely enough, I thought I had a cold until I collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital the day I returned home from Alaska. Once there, they immediately put me on Lovenox and coumadin and all is well.

    My PSA remains ZERO or so low it can hardly be measured so we are very optimistic about the long term results. Going in, PSA was 3.2, Gleason was 6.0.

    J. W. Harbrecht
    Sheboygan Falls, WI

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  5. Marvin Dozier said,

    on December 1st, 2007 at 10:29 pm

    First, my thanks go to God. He always puts angels along the path we travel when we are faithful. Being a 64-year old, Black African-American, it is my tradition, over the last several years, to have a physical exam, twice a year, which always includes the PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) review. In January, 2007, my PSA was 3.3. In August it was 5.3. My, longtime, primary care physician, and friend, Dr. Antonio Garcia, suggested I see a specialist. I did. During the first week of September, as a result of exams and a biopsy, my diagnosis was prostate cancer. The specialist, Dr. Macchia, Oncology surgeon, through himself and other doctors, introduced me to the various options available for treatment. I was not impressed with the options.

    Being an Analyst by profession, can be as hazardous as helpful in this type of life threatening circumstance. The profession forces me to be, for the most part, a linear thinker, and research and analyze most things–if not all things–particularly those things which impact my health and quality of life.

    I did not like the regimens associated with external radiation therapy. Nor was I sold on the “seed-implant” method. The only thing that offered something that I could agree with was surgery for prostate cancer treatment. However, I have never been keen on the idea of “going under the knife.” In discussions with doctors, Dr. Samadi’s name came up as a competent performer of “Robotics,” an alternative, and less invasive procedure, to “open prostatectomy.” I went on the “net.” I became a prostate cancer “expert.” In addition, I became very knowledgeable about “Robotics.” One of the doctors I had consulted with, indicated that he was good at it, being a student of Dr. Samadi; and having done “five” (5). He was a bit smug–if I might be judgmental–in his presentation. Five surgeries did not sit well with me as qualifying the title of being “good.” I smiled, and politely ended the discussion.

    I “Googled” Dr. Samadi. During this research process, I recalled watching and listening to him being interviewed by Dr. Jay Adlersberg, on Channel Eyewitness News in Mid-Summer–never dreaming I would be sitting across from him within a few short months, discussing my prostate cancer surgery. I recalled how unassuming and comfortable the doctor was in his sharing information about prostate cancer and options. I liked him, although I had, temporarily forgotten him.

    I went to visit him, at his Madison Avenue location. He examined me and had made himself very familiar with my medical file–which I made available in its complete form prior to visiting him. As he sat across from me and my wife, extolling the values of “Robotic Prostatectomy” and its minimal invasiveness, I thought that he was even more personable in person than in the formal environment of the media interviews. He was very detailed and comforting. All I had researched, he confirmed. As he began to credentialing his abilities. I, courteously, interrupted him and told him: “Doc, you don’t have to sell me on Robotics or your ability.” I knew that he had performed over a thousand (1,100) robotic prostatectomies. Now this, in the very least, qualified for the title of “being good at it!” I told him: “Doc, you certainly qualify as being proficient, well-known and respected in the community of robotics, highly written about in all the “Journals,” news media, and in other areas of the medical profession as well. All of my research has not turned up one iota of negative information about you. You have passed that test, being the best in the City–possibly on the Planet. The only reason I am here today is to find out how our personalities meshed and your bedside manner. You have passed that test as well.” He confirmed that there did not seem to be any urgency in performing the surgery. I could have taken the “wait and see” position, but my parents did not raise a fool. I believed, and believe, that if I know there is cancer in my body, it is important to get it out–as expediently as possible. This decision was not only based on the research, which I won’t go into detail here, but deeply rooted in wisdom.

    I was both very impressed and comfortable with Dr. Samadi–my wife saw that–and she too, was very pleased with Dr. Samadi. I am not easily impressed. I asked him when would it be convenient for him to perform the surgery. He scheduled my surgery in a very timely manner–within a few weeks of that visit. The robotic prostatectomy was performed on the afternoon of November 15th 2007, at Mount Sinai Hospital. When I came to my room, nearly everyone remarked “You don’t look like you just had surgery”–or words to that effect. One medical personnel asked me if I just had surgery. I recall joking and saying, “I must have, I remember getting the anesthesia, and the next thing I remember is coming up here and smiling with you. If you can’t tell I just had surgery, then Dr. Samadi is even better than I thought he was.” I was up and about that night and talking, smiling, and laughing with my wife–who had said that I could not stay in the hospital if she could not stay with me. She is protective and concerned like that.

    The next morning Dr. Samadi visited, he told me I was a great patient, and asked how I felt? I told him, “My being a great patient is only because you are a great doctor. And I feel Fantastic!” He asked when did I want to go home? I asked him, “Is now too soon?” He said no, and would sign my discharge papers. I was ecstatic! His medical staff, who were very efficient, detailed, and pleasant, explained post-operative processes (diet, limitations, expectations, etc). I was released from the hospital within twenty-four hours of arriving there for surgery. And I felt just as good when I left as I did when I arrived. That is some feat! It was a tremendous and wonderful feeling!

    The catheter was removed the day before Thanksgiving, within a week of surgery. Then I got the news from Dr. Samadi that I had been waiting for, the day after Thanksgiving. Even though the surgery and recovery had gone well, it is the “pathology report” that determines just how successful my health was or was going to be. Dr. Samadi told me the “margins of the prostate had not been breached” and I would be just fine. I would be doing the things I did months before in short order. He was on speaker phone and both my wife and I rejoiced! He gave us the greatest reason to be thankful we could have. We thank you for that Dr. Samadi. We thank you for your diligence to your craft. We thank you for your wonderful talent. We thank you for your caring and professional attitude. And now love you as a member of our family.

    The particular angel in this phase of my path came in the form of Dr. David Samadi.
    I will update in the future and invite any questions…

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  7. S. Wheeler said,

    on December 2nd, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    Dear Dr. Samadi & Visitors to the Forum!

    On the 27th of April my beautiful wife lost her job. Her employer provided our health benefits. When the phone rang that morning I assumed it was my wife calling me on her last day of work. It was not her. The call was from my General Practitioner; the news was not good; my psa was elevated. My heart sank.

    About a week later I underwent a prostate biopsy. As she and I reviewed the pictures with my Urologist, he said, “I am a little concerned about this dark area; but lets wait for the Pathologists report.”

    On the morning of May 21st my wife and I were returning home from breakfast. The phone was ringing; it was my Urologist. “I have some sad news; its cancer; I am sorry.” My heart sank. I am 50 years old. On the 22nd of May Wife and I reviewed the Pathologist report with my Urologist; Gleason Score 7, Staging 1Tc1, PSA 5.4. I could hardly believe it; the last time I was really sick was 1968; how could this be?!

    My mind was numb. Then the fear set in. Everything I know about cancer can expressed with one word: Bad. My wife saw the frustration and tension in me; we were both sad and scared. She quickly began to search the internet. Somehow, surely by providence, she found a very informative website, hosted by a doctor who specialized in prostate oncology. To her surprise, the doctor actually had a Q&A window on his site. My wife told me to send him an email via the doctor’s website. My reply to her went something like this: “What kind of surgeon has time to answer emails?” But she was persistent, so I quickly drafted a simple inquiry and hit the “Submit” button. The time was about 1:00pm. My email was short and to the point…

    Dear Dr. Samadi,

    I was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am 50 years old. My Urologist made it rather clear that my prostate needs to be removed. How do I select a good surgeon? Can you help me understand this whole situation a little better? My wife and I are quite concerned. Here are my scores: Gleason 7, PSA 5.4.

    S. Wheeler

    I did not expect to hear from Dr. Samadi. I didn’t even expect to hear from one of his staff. My mood was pretty low.

    Around 9:00pm during the same day I sent my email inquiry the phone rang. It was Dr. Samadi!!! I could hardly believe it! How could a surgeon possibly be responding to email inquiries?! My mind was racing as I tried to formulate some half-way intelligent questions. But quite frankly, I couldn’t think. My mind was in such a spin; all I could do was thank Dr. Samadi for calling me. That’s when Dr. Samadi began to carefully guide our conversation. He could tell I was upset. Dr. Samadi began to gently calm me down; began explaining my scores, helping put everything into proper perspective. We talked for over 30 minutes. Dr. Samadi was kind, patient, and very helpful. More importantly, he demonstrated a sense of compassion and concern for me that was remarkable. When our conversation concluded, I could feel hope returning to my mind. All was not lost.

    As soon as I hung up the phone I quickly went to Dr. Samadi’s website. “Who is this guy” I wondered. And I quickly found out. Dr. Samadi is one of the nations leading urologic oncologists and the Chief of the Division of Robotic Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC! And he called me?!!!! Wow!

    During my conversation with Dr. Samadi I felt compelled to ask him why he was so dedicated to returning email inquiries. Dr. Samadi’s answer resonates with the humble heart that characterizes this remarkable man. “I personally follow-up with email inquiries because I have depended on the kindness of strangers all my life; this is my way of saying thank you to all those wonderful people who have helped me over the years.”

    Dear reader, please consider Dr. Samadi’s humble and inspired answer as a testament of his compassion for his patients. This level of humility is a rare gift.

    Now one might conclude that I would be on the first plane from Charlotte to New York. But the story continues…

    Dr. Samadi gave me the foundational material and confidence I needed to begin researching the strength of the urologic surgical community here in Charlotte. I quickly discovered that Charlotte possessed two qualified surgical groups. After careful thought, I wrote the following thank you note expressing my profound gratitude for Dr. Samadi’s help during this challenging time.

    Dear Dr. Samadi:

    I just wanted to thank you again for speaking with me so patiently a week ago about my prostate cancer. You really made me feel better. As I mentioned, there are two surgical groups in Charlotte, NC that specialize in cancerous prostate surgery. I have elected to have Dr. Chris Teigland, Director of McKay Urology at Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte and a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill perform my surgery. Dr. Teigland and his Staff spent three hours with me on short notice discussing my case. And, as you wisely advised, Dr. Tiegland has both the open surgery experience and the de Vinci Robotic experience necessary to ensure the highest probability of patient success.

    But the reason I am writing is to give you my profound and heartfelt thanks for returning my call, for listening to me pour out my concerns, and reassuring me that I wasn’t going to die from this any time soon (God willing :) I can not express to you how much your return call meant to me; how it lifted me up during a very dark moment. I am still a little scared; I guess I am just a big baby when it comes to my body; I have never really been sick. The cancer diagnosis is such a shock.

    But as you know, the God of our fathers has led many souls through the desert to the promise of hope. He is still at work now, through your hands, your mind, and your heart; a heart of love for those who are scared and lost. Dr. Samadi, I hope someday I will be able to shake your hand in person and thank you for your kindness and compassion. You are a true giant in a world of small minds. May God bless you, your family, and your patients abundantly in every way! Amen! Shalom!

    With deep sincerity,

    S. Wheeler

    Dear reader, if you are struggling with fears and concerns about prostate cancer, give Dr. Samadi and his Staff careful consideration. I am thoroughly convinced that Dr. Samadi’s genuine compassion and care for his patients, his excellent academic training & experience, and his incredibly high personal standards will ensure the best possible outcome during this difficult time.

    Very Sincerely,

    S. Wheeler
    Charlotte, NC

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  9. Saeed F. A. said,

    on December 31st, 2007 at 1:50 am

    At age 50, during early spring of 2007, my annual check up result showed that I am healthy person except having the elevated PSA of 4.95. This has raised a concern with me and my primary care doctor. Per my primary care doctor suggestion, I saw urologist, and 12 biopsy samples were taken. The 7 out of 12 samples showed sign of prostate cancer. Being a very healthy person all my life, this was a big shocking and frightening news to me and my wife. I had deal with many complicated problems in life and solved them but I knew this one is not going to be very easy to deal with. Therefore I have consulted with several urologist doctors locally and tried to learn more about this disease and recommended available treatment options.
    On the other hand, my primary care doctor advised me that to go with robotic surgery method and asked me to find a surgeon who is an expert in this method of surgery.
    Next, I consulted with a Doctor who is an expert and leader in the field of anti-aging and immune system medicine in California attending to patients from all over the world suffering from a multitude of illnesses that are often difficult to diagnose and treat.
    She gave me information and requested me to contact Dr. David Samadi and consider him for my treatment and surgery as he is the expert and leader in this field of robotic surgery method.
    Same day, I did further research on web about him and found all facts, media report and patient testimonials which keep talking about gifted man and golden hand surgeon that God has send as angle to save lives. I found out Dr. David Samadi is unique in that he is one of very few urologic Oncology surgeons in the United States trained in all three primary areas of surgery—open, laparoscopic, and robotic. Dr. David Samadi has performed more than 1000 robotic laparoscopic procedures, and frequently lectures and trains other urologists on the use of the da Vinci® robotic surgical system, a revolutionary technology that magnifies the surgical field significantly and gives surgeons greater visualization, dexterity, and precision during surgery.
    The same day, I sent an email to Dr. David Samadi and requested him to give me a call. I could not believe how quickly he has contacted me back the same evening. From first moment, I found Dr. David Samadi to be a very compassionate, caring, human being in addition to all his medical credentials and accolades. He was very kind, spent times on the phone talking to me and helping me to understand the process of treatment and surgery. He offered me that as soon as his schedule allows, he will be more than happy to see me and then operate on me. After hanging up with him, I have felt much better and relief. At this point, I have decided Dr. Samadi will operate on me. His entire team was very professional and helping me with entire process and I was operated in Mount Sinai hospital in NY on Mid July 2007. During my stay, Dr. David Samadi and his team gave me the best possible care. The surgery and my recovery were very successful. Now, nearly 5.5 months after surgery, my two PSA test result is less than

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  11. John Gillespie said,

    on April 17th, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    After extensive consultation and research, I concluded that Dr. Samadi was clearly the wisest choice for my surgery. The depth and breadth of his experience with the three methods for prostatectomy were exceptional. The physicians with whom I consulted had the highest regard for him as a surgeon and as a colleague. As a scientist (physicist), I was very impressed with his Internet video of a live Da Vinci prostatectomy. There one sees that he is continuously seeking improvements in the methodology and technology for such procedures. His lucid explanations concerning the procedure confirmed for me his reputation as an excellent teacher and mentor.

    I found that the education and support he and his staff offer his patients before and after the surgery was remarkable. My surgery was successful and the recovery more rapid than expected. This was a memorable experience, both for the positive (life-saving) medical outcome, as well as for the opportunity to interact with a skilled, generous and compassionate surgeon.

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  13. F. Marx said,

    on June 2nd, 2008 at 10:18 am

    Dear Dr. David B. Samadi, M.D,

    It’s been a year now since I had my Robotic Prostate Surgery performed by Dr. Samadi. When I found out that I had Prostate cancer in January 2007, my family and I were stunned. I had just turned 61 years of age and planning my retirement. After my Urologist explained my options, I remember feeling lost as to what type of surgery he could perform Radiation, Open surgery, Seeds or laparoscopic. None of these procedures sounded like I would ever lead a normal lifestyle again. Upon talking to my regular Physician, he had mentioned that there is a fairly new procedure called DaVinci ROBOTIC PROSTATE SURGERY, and that Dr. David B. Samadi is one of the leaders in this type of surgery. I made an appointment to see him in his office on 2/20/07. Dr. Samadi was everything I had read about. He was compassionate, extremely professional and personable. Just talking to me for that half hour or so, I felt that the world was lifted off my shoulders. He explained to me that my PSA and Gleason tests were on the Lower end, so I had a while to make my decision. Upon leaving his office, I had made up my mind already that he would be the surgeon to perform the operation. We had set a date for the surgery in late June 2007, and then I received a call from Dr Samadi in April 2007 stating that he had transferred to Mount Sinai hospital and was heading the Division of Robotic and Minimal Invasive Surgery Department. He stated that his new move would not change our plans for surgery and that he could even do it a little sooner, I thanked God for his professionalism. I reported to Mt. Sinai Hospital in the beginning of June, and was surprised that I was not nervous at all. The hospital staff made me feel very relaxed. Dr Samadi and his excellent staff of surgeons performed the procedure and I was back in my room in a couple hours. I was up on my feet within a few hours and feeling no major ill effects of the surgery or anesthesia. I was discharged from the hospital in less than 24 hours! I could not believe how good I felt. I had my catheter removed after 7 days. Relatives and Friends could not believe how quick I recovered from the surgery. I was able to play golf and a short game of touch football after 5 months. I am very grateful to Dr Samadi, because he promised to do everything possible to cure me and help me resume a normal lifestyle. On my follow ups to Dr. Samadi my PSA tests have been negative.

    Once again on behalf of myself and my family, I want to thank you for your compassion and concern during these difficult times. You’re a caring and gifted healer. I would highly recommend this Robotic Prostate Surgery to all cancer patients. Especially by you and your highly trained staff.

    With deep respect and gratitude.


    F. Marx / New York

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  15. L.Gisin, NJ said,

    on August 2nd, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    I was 63 years old when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was a shock, as it was so unexpected. My PSA level one year before was only 2.6. This year, it suddenly jumped to 3.8 and my primary care physician was alarmed. Three months later, my level jumped to 3.9. After the biopsy confirmed that I had cancer, my urologist told me I had 2 options: surgery or radiation. I explored both options, visiting 2 robotic surgeons (including Samadi) and one oncologist. After researching the options and discussing with various doctors, I concluded that I was a perfect candidate for robotic surgery. At that point, I knew Dr. Samadi was my best choice as a surgeon. He is a world-renowned prostate cancer surgeon and oncologist with impeccable credentials and training. I was also impressed with the fact that he had performed over 1,000 robotic surgeries.
    After meeting Dr. Samadi, his demeanor immediately made me feel reassured and comfortable, and I realized that he was the right surgeon to perform the radical prostatectomy (the gold standard treatment).
    The surgery was a success! I spent only one night in the hospital and was released the next day. Overall, the staff at Mt. Sinai was very thorough & professional. Dr. Samadi visited me twice after surgery and reassured my family and I that the surgery went perfectly.
    The immediate recovery process took four weeks, and I felt better each week. It was a relatively smooth recovery, and the hardest part was the catheter, which was removed after the 1st week. After 1 month, my PSA level was 0.004. I went back to work on the 5th week after the surgery with a minimal problem concerning incontinence. Now, its 5 months post-surgery, I am back to my regular exercise routine (2 months post surgery) and feeling great.
    Thank you Dr. Samadi for being an excellent surgeon who eliminated this potentially life-threatening condition with such care and professionalism. I have already referred a good friend to him, and will continue to highly recommend him to anyone who needs a surgical solution to prostate cancer.

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  17. robert r said,

    on March 3rd, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    When I first learned of having prostate cancer, I quickly formed a support network of friends and colleagues, some of whom had already dealt with this issue. After research and talking to my urologist, I had no doubt that the best course of action was a radical prostatectomy. And, after viewing the thoroughness of Dr. Samadi’s website, http://www.RoboticOncology.com, and meeting him in person, I had no doubt which surgeon I wanted to perform the procedure. It’s been a month since my surgery and I am amazed how far I have progressed. I’ve experienced very few side effects and I’m feeling stronger every day. The best news was that the cancer was c ontained to the prostate, so a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Equally important is that at least three of my colleagues are making appointments with their doctors to get checked. Early intervention and Dr.. Samadi’s skills were the major reasons for my good outcome.
    Robert R
    New York City

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  19. Douglas S said,

    on January 8th, 2011 at 6:24 am

    I did not like the regimens associated with external radiation therapy. Nor was I sold on the “seed-implant” method. The only thing that offered something that I could agree with was surgery for prostate cancer treatment. However, I have never been keen on the idea of “going under the knife.” In discussions with doctors, Dr. Samadi’s name came up as a competent performer of “Robotics,” an alternative, and less invasive procedure, to “open prostatectomy.” I went on the “net.” I became a prostate cancer “expert.” In addition, I became very knowledgeable about “Robotics.”

    I just wanted to thank you again for speaking with me so patiently a week ago about my prostate cancer. You really made me feel better.

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  21. Kim said,

    on March 8th, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    This is all very interesting to learn about. I think there are many other applications for robotic surgery for other issues in addition to those for prostate cancer. Hopefully more physicians will learn to do this type of surgery and the costs will go down with survival increasing.

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  23. andrew fields said,

    on June 25th, 2011 at 8:21 am

    I would certainly love to know mr.samadi more and a person like him surely has more great things to offer ..

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