International Robotic Prostatectomy Symposium – 2011

28 February 2011

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in the very first International Robotic Prostatectomy Symposium in Miami, Florida as co-director of the event along with Dr. Sanjay Razdan and Dr. Raju Thomas.  The purpose of this 2-day symposium was to share information with patients as well as with other doctors on the robotic treatment options that exist for prostate cancer and the long-term benefits of this method versus traditional prostate removal surgery.

The event was hosted by Prostate Awareness Research and Treatment (P.A.R.T), a non-profit organization devoted to raising awareness of not only the disease but the newest methods we have of combating it.  During the event I broadcast a live robotic prostatectomy demonstrating my SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique) surgery technique.  What makes SMART unique is the methods I use to spare nerves around the prostate relating to sexual function and continence.  Late last year I had the pleasure of working alongside fellow surgeons in Israel to demonstrate and teach this technique and it’s nice to be able to now demonstrate it with a live surgery in the US.

Symposiums and demonstrations like these are important because they let us reach out to other doctors and healthcare providers who may not be aware of the benefits of robotic surgery.  Among those benefits are shorter hospital stays, with many patients leaving the same day, shorter recovery times, minimal blood loss requiring no transfusion, and increased post-operative continence and sexual function rates.  In my practice 96% of patients regain continence and 79% regain sexual function.

Proceeds from the symposium will be going toward preventative prostate cancer research and will also be providing free robotic prostatectomy surgeries to underprivileged men, performed by Dr. Sanjay Razdan.

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