Being Overweight Does Not Exclude You from Surgical Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

7 March 2011

Studies show that obese men have a higher risk of developing aggressive forms of prostate cancer than men of a healthy weight.  They also show that obese men are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer when compared to men of a healthy weight.  This is startling information for many men which can undoubtedly cause anxiety when researching their treatment options – especially when told surgical treatment is not an option for them.

The concern over whether a man is able to have his cancer treated surgically or not due to his weight is one that I’ve heard many times over the years.  That’s why I felt the need to address it here in the public space.  The truth of the matter is that your weight does not exclude you from surgical treatment options for your prostate cancer.  A skilled surgeon can perform a robotic prostatectomy procedure successfully on obese patients with a very low risk of complications.  It is especially important that the surgeon is experienced in doing this procedure however, and factors need to be taken into account by them such as the placement of the robot’s surgical arms as well as the overall health of the patient.

The bottom line is that robotic prostatectomy procedures can be performed safely on patients of all weights in the correct hands.  Prostate removal surgery should never been seen as out of reach.  With a 96% cure rate when caught early I believe it to be the best treatment option available to men.

For any men who have had concerns about surgical options and ultimately decided to have a robotic prostatectomy done, we would love to hear your experiences.  You can leave a comment below.  It’s very beneficial for men in a similar circumstance as you were to be able to read about your experiences and decisions.

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