My Collaboration with Famed Fashion Designer Carmen Marc Valvo

13 April 2011

Dr. David Samadi and fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo pose together.  Dr. Samadi and Valvo have teamed up to raise awareness of prostate and colon cancer screening and treatment methods.Lately I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of early detection and screening and the positive effect both have when it comes to successfully treating prostate cancer.   The first step in encouraging men to see their doctors and to have their PSA (prostate-specific antigen) and DRE (digital rectal exam) tests done is through educating both men and their loved ones about this disease.  For many men, the screening process as well as the possible side-effects of prostate cancer treatment can be frightening and embarrassing.  This is a roadblock we must navigate to further increase early detection and prostate cancer survival rates.

When faced with the thought of prostate cancer it’s important for men to be able to count on their families, especially their significant others, to understand their fears about how the cancer can affect their lives – such as the possible loss of continence and sexual function after treatment.  This is why I feel it’s so important for us to educate women about prostate cancer: because the men in their lives may need their support, understanding, and encouragement in order to get tested and treated.  This need for support is a key reason for my collaboration with famed fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo.

Carmen, who designs clothing for Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and has been dressing Hollywood’s most famous actresses for 30 years, is himself a colon cancer survivor.  He was diagnosed with the disease in 2003 after a malignant growth was found during a voluntary colonoscopy.  Because the cancer was caught early he was able to have it successfully removed and now enjoys life cancer free.

Much like prostate cancer, colon cancer has a very high survival rate when caught early – and this is the message that both Carmen and I want people to understand.  I feel that with his reach and notoriety, Carmen is in a unique position to further educate fashion conscious men and women about both diseases and help prevent unnecessary deaths.  Through his story I hope he will be able to alleviate some of the anxiety men have about cancer screening and treatment, either directly, or indirectly through educating their loved ones who can then play a supportive role.

For more information about our collaboration please read the following story:
International Robotic Prostatectomy Expert Dr. David B. Samadi and American Fashion Mogul Carmen Marc Valvo Campaign to Raise Awareness of Prostate and Colon Cancers

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