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Enlarged Prostate: What is it? What are the treatments?

23 October 2012

The enlarging of the prostate gland occurs naturally as men age. Unfortunately, this process can press on the urethra and result in nuisance side effects including urination and bladder problems…

Robotic Surgery at Second Annual Rambam Summit in Haifa, Israel

20 June 2011

I recently returned from Israel after having attended the second annual Rambam Summit at Rambam Hospital in Haifa. This summit was attended by esteemed physicians, scientists, economists, academics and politicians from Israel and abroad. While the main theme of this years’ two-day summit was pediatric care and Rambam’s plans for the construction of the Ruth […]

Prostate Cancer Survivor’s Story of a Robotic Prostatectomy Redo

28 March 2011

In the past month I’ve made two blog posts about how experience is such a key factor when dealing with robotic prostate cancer treatment.  Men who are overweight and men who have had radiation therapy before surgery are often told they’re not candidates for a robotic prostatectomy, but the truth of the matter is that […]