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Viagra And Sex After Prostate Cancer

8 November 2012

While the use of Viagra (sildenafil) has become fairly mainstream, most men would certainly opt for the sexual potency to go without it. Whether man-to-man or patient-to-doctor…

Prostate Cancer Surgery No Longer Means Dealing with Incontinence or Impotence

3 May 2011

Last week, while discussing my collaboration with fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo, I touched upon some of the reasons why men are hesitant to seek out screening and treatment for prostate cancer. I made the point that one of my goals is to help men understand the truth behind incontinence and impotence after prostate surgery, […]

Get Rid of Those Diapers!
Incontinence After Robotic Prostate Surgery

21 May 2009

Get Rid Of Those Diapers! Incontinence After Robotic Prostatectomy by Dr. Samadi Even though you are having prostate surgery, we here at Mt. Sinai use da Vinci robotic surgery to spare nerves responsible for bladder control. Rest assured you can be confident that your urinary incontinence issues after surgery will be short lived. With this […]